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The Tide Album Release

Art Boutiki, 44 Race Street, San Jose, CA 95126

After more than a year of recording, Periscope is releasing their first full-length album The Tide. We will be joined on stage by Mothers Worry, Ray Frankly, and Life Size Models at our favorite San Jose venue The Art Boutiki. Come down for local music and a copy of our album!

Local Love Podacst

Tune in to hear clips of our upcoming album "The Tide" played on the Local Love Podcast!

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Lyrics: Up River 

We never learned in times of war
There's always lies you have to for
Atrocity the Gods decree
The time of man is no more
An industry of death and greed
Leaves only empty mouths to feed
Too late we see humanity
Is what we needed all along

Why don't we turn around
Why don't we walk away
When we know there is no reason to stay?

Distracted by the battle cry
You know we fail to see right through
An enemy we can't defeat
To you and me Catch 22
To those above there is no other better way to get ahead
Banners and lead leave…Read more

Lyrics: So Low (So Long) 

I'm looking at the life you lead
Does it come so easily to you?

I need a little time to grieve
What isn't and might not be
As though you've advertised

And why you have to stop
Leaving everything you like
And leaving all the rest

I don't believe a word you say when you go:
"I'd go anywhere with you if you ask me to"
You've been flying solo (so low) for so long

Lyrics: Piece Be With You 

I won't decide
I won't presume
Like Pope Pius writing erotic volumes
So specific in the scenes that you describe
With absolution from the sins that you subscribe to
All my lonely days are because of you
All the things you say you know are true to you

So worry not
There's nothing regrettable
But something forgettable, right?

I won't decide
I won't presume
Like Pope Pius writing erotic volumes
Second of name but the first one of your kind
Selling sin to the communion line
Words of yours would make them so impure
Holy hands…Read more

Lyrics: Every Time You Call 

These scars have finally healed
But you keep trying to steal my love
I keep my head up high

These things you say mean nothing
You say I should trust
But I get hurt why, every time I try - 

So hard to keep myself strong
But it's no use at all
Every time you call
Every time you call

And you - we only just have met
But these butterflies I get inside
Why, every time you smile

And in my heart the feeling grows
My head says "take it slow"
I do my best, I try -

So hard to keep myself strong
But it's no use at all
Every time you…Read more

Lyrics: Lucky 

When you're youthful
Searching, truthful
It's harder to find
Than lines in the Earth
Drawn for empire
Power, purpose
Is it worth this?
It's easy to spend
When the end seems so near

And you look up to the skies for answers
But the skies are never clear

Ice melt, cash flow
Cell phones, Monsanto
What's killing the bees?
And how long do we have
'Til the seas rise and all
Your buildings will fall
Down to the ground?

Maybe we won't be so lucky to be...

So enjoy the fall
And call it flight
We could have it all
For the rest of our lives…Read more

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